Wait Quietly

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.
— Psalm 62:5

Time is money. How many times have we heard that? How many times have we said that.

In all of my years in the workforce, I cannot tell you how many books I read that talked about managing your time and maximizing your return by squeezing every ounce out of every minute. We truly believe this!

We start earlier. Work later. Take work home. Use our smartphones to reply to emails while waiting in the drive-through at Chick-fil-A. We schedule breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Usually for work! Performance - that’s the key. That’s what we learn at a young age. That’s the key to promotion and compensation. Our RPM’s are redlined from the moment we wake up. Checking in on Facebook or Instagram or the news. We hit the ground running. And when the adrenaline kicks in we can’t help but love the rush. 

But I can't help but wonder...

... in the all of this running from sun-up to sun-down, where does that leave room for the still small voice of God? When do we allow Him to lead? Correct? Encourage?

Wait quietly for God. When everything in you, when everything in society, is screaming move faster and work harder; God is calling His people to Himself. He wants to be a part of every detail of your life. He wants to know you, and be known by you. Let’s intentionally slow down and quietly listen to his voice.

Let Him speak today - through His Word, through the compassion of a friend, or through that still small voice that calls to all of us.


We encourage you to join us for corporate prayer on Tuesday Mornings at 7:00AM in the Sanctuary at the Bangor campus. There is power in praying together.