He Makes Beauty from Ashes

Do you have things in your past you wish weren’t there?

 I think we all do. Judah is someone that certainly did. I have actually clarified for people in that past, that we names our firstborn son, Judah, after the tribe and not the man. I have begun to rethink that a bit lately because no one is perfect.

In Genesis 38 we see that Judah did not honor the word that he gave to his daughter in law Tamar when he said his youngest son, Shelah, would be given to her in marriage when he came of age. When he did become of age, Judah did not give him to Tamar to marry. Tamar then takes things into her own hands by putting a veil over her face to disguise herself, dresses like a prostitute to seduce Judah (which she succeeded at), and has twin boys as a result. So we have a lady that is impregnated with twin boys by her father in law (and you thought your family had issues). The boys names are Perez and Zerah. Judah had a bad moment. He made a poor choice. He certainly fell short of the mark in this instance.

How could God bring anything good from a situation like that?

How many times have we asked a similar question with a situation that seemed so horrible and hopeless? Well God did in fact bring good from even this situation. Genealogies often times are boring to read, but we can find some great insight about the God we serve if we would look into them. 1 Chronicles chapter 2 tells us that Judah was the father of Perez and then it lists the descendants of Perez down to Boaz who was the father of Obed, and Obed who was the father of Jesse, and Jesse who was the father of David. The Savior of the Universe came from the line of David!

This story encourages me because it is a reminder that God uses imperfect people to carry out his perfect plan. He is able to turn our shortcomings into success. What is there on your record that the enemy keeps holding over your head trying to discredit you? Remind him that God is a redeemer and can make beauty from ashes and turn our shortcomings into success stories.